German volume training, supersets, 21’s biceps curl circuits…these are the kinda things you familiarize yourself with when getting started in the training world.

And if you’re like most people during the early stages of their lifting career, you probably spent the majority of your time in the dumbbell rack doing as many curls as you could muster. You might have even done what’s commonly known as 7’s or 21’s.

This is when you perform 7 bottom-half rep curls, 7 top-half rep curls, and 7 full range curls (21 total reps).

So, why not provide this kind of torture to your legs?

This brutal single-leg circuit is sure to humble even the brashest of lifters.


Convincing most people to train their legs is like trying to convince a toddler to share their toy with their sibling. It’s wishful thinking.

But if you’re the type of lifter that actually enjoys brutally attacking your lower body, I think you’ll find this circuit both challenging and motivating.

How to do it:

The single-leg circuit starts with the most challenging movement (skater squats) then moves on to slider lunges and single leg RDL’s.

Skater squats have the most demand as you’re performing a squat variation with the least amount of base support (standing on one foot).

Slider lunges are easier to perform given the support (albeit minimal) from your rear foot.

Single leg RDL’s are posterior-dominant (hamstrings and glutes) as opposed to the quads that are emphasized in the skater and split squats, making them an effective finisher to “round out” the circuit.

Keep the load consistent across all three movements (use the same weight) since fatigue will be a factor as you progress between exercises.

How to do it:

A1. 7 goblet skater squats

A2. 7 reverse slider lunges

A3. 7 single leg RDL’s

You do not need to do more than two sets per side if you’re using the right weight.

Rest a minute when switching legs and about 2-3 min once both sides have been completed.

The idea is to use a weight that makes you look like you just shat your pants (as shown in the video above).



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