When you think of home workouts, what comes to mind?

Personally, I think of Tony Horton yelling at me through the TV during my P90X days in high school. That was the first time I really tried working out at home. Before that, I always trained in gyms. My living room was the last place I ever considered training.

Fast forward to 2020, and we don’t have much of a choice. Many of us are left stranded, with gyms temporarily shutting their doors across the world.

You might be wondering how you can continue to create challenging, results-driven workouts while at home. Since you don’t have access to a gym, you might also be looking to purchase some equipment.

There are a few pieces of equipment that will completely amplify your at-home workouts, and the best part about them? They’re relatively inexpensive and take up little to no space at all.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the following products or companies. I’ve used them for years and have experienced their impact on training firsthand, so I’m recommending them to you here.


If there’s any piece of equipment you get from this list, start here. It is a game changer.

The Hip Circle, created by Mark Bell of Sling Shot, is simply amazing. Think of it as a theraband on steroids, but way more awesome.

It is one of the single most effective tools to engage your glutes and improve overall hip function. You would typically wear it around your knees with both legs in and can basically perform any series of movements to really hammer home the glutes and reinforce external hip rotation.

One of the reasons the Hip Circle is so useful is because 99.999999% of people have weak glutes and crappy hips. By adding this into your warm-up you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Buy it here.

Some Hip Circle Exercises for Your At-Home Workouts

My awesome client, Jonathan, showing us an inch worm crawl to lunge pattern.

This is a really effective exercise to train your external hip rotation while engaging your glutes.

My awesome client, Jon (yes, another Jon), showing us a stride sequence with the Hip Circle. If your space allows it, this is a great way to train your coordination by moving in different planes.

Keep your balancing leg slightly bent with your moving leg locked and tap on an angle in front, directly to your side, then back on an angle. Yo’ booty will burn.

Me making a stupid face telling you to get resistance bands, hoping my barber opens up again ASAP.


Resistance bands are not only one of the most essential tools to add to your warm-up arsenal, they’re also one of the most effective ways to increase overall difficulty and resistance in your workouts without having to go heavier in weights (or use weights at all).

You can use them to engage specific muscles. They can be used to develop core engagement by adding extra resistance to dead bugs or planks. The amount of variety resistance bands offer to your training is seemingly endless. Highly recommend.

Buy one here.

Some Resistance Band Exercises for Your At-Home Workouts


The Equalizer by Lebert Fitness is an amazing tool for your at-home workouts. The amount of functionality and variety it offers is amazing.

Dips, rows, push-up variations, core exercises…the amount of variety at your disposal with this tool is truly amazing. It allows you to increase the challenge of an exercise, while offering assistance to make exercises easier and more approachable for beginners.

Buy one here.


If you’re a meathead like me, and you love lifting, get these. Now. Do it. They’re more expensive than the other pieces of equipment in this article, but they’re damn worth it if you’re serious about lifting and don’t have access to a gym.

Power Blocks are essentially interchangeable dumbbells that allow you to alter the amount of weight attached to the handles. These are amazing not only because of their functionality, but they take up way less space than conventional dumbbells do. If you bought a set of dumbbells ranging from 5lbs-70lbs in 5lbs increments, you’d be sacrificing your whole living room.

Power Blocks, on the other hand, can tuck away in the corner of your room without you ever noticing.

Buy one here.

Some Power Block (Dumbbell) Exercises for Your At-Home Workouts


The stability ball aka Swiss ball aka that big ball thing you always see in gyms is an awesome tool to add to your arsenal of home gym equipment.

The amount of core work is endless, not to mention the attention you can give to your hamstrings (which are almost always neglected, especially when working out from home).

Buy one here.

Some Stability Ball Exercises for Your At-Home Workouts


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