If you’ve read anything on my blog, you’ll know I’m a big proponent of single leg strength training. Moreover, I’m a fan of exercises that offer a lot of benefit without getting banged up in the process.

Insert reverse lunges.

Reverse lunges just feel better on the knees, given the relatively vertical angle of the tibia (shin). Granted, your knees have to travel past your toes for most daily and athletic activities. Just watch any of Ben Patrick’s stuff (aka KneesOverToesGuy).

That said, forward/back lunges tend to put more sheer force on the knees overtime (especially if you have pre-existing knee pain). For this reason, I tend to favour reverse lunges in most of my programming.

To battle the monotony of regular reverse lunges, you can use the landmine. I like these three variations.

1. Reverse Landmine Lunge (Side Variation)

I originally saw Ben Bruno doing these and immediately wanted to try.

This variation offers an element of grip work and really hits the gluteus medius nicely (side of your butt).

2. Reverse Landmine Lunge (Standard)

If you’re a seasoned lifter (i.e. have been lifting weights for at least a few years), using different variations of exercises is a must. This way, you’ll continually stimulate a response in your muscles.

The difference between the first lunge and this one is in the weight distribution. Here, you’ll lunge back slightly further and feel it more in your glute max (the big chunky part of your rump) and hammies.

Both are great.

3. Reverse Landmine Lunge (Front Rack)

The front rack lunge is when you hold the weight…you guessed it…in front. Doing so places the majority of the emphasis on your quads and core. Be sure to keep full body tension and try not to pass out while doing it.


All three of these lunges are great in their own way. Do one of ’em or all of ’em depending on your goals. Boom.



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