You know you need to train hard and prioritize recovery to see results. But what if you’re already doing that?

Here are five ways to help you maximize your training to achieve greater results in the gym.

1. Put the phone down.

Every minute in the gym should serve a purpose and lead to you getting better results. It’s an hour that should be entirely dedicated to you, not your emails.

More often than not, people are preoccupied with their phones instead of focusing on their training. And as a result, their workouts suffer and their results are non-existent.

Put your phone down or leave it in your locker. You’ll be amazed at what this simple step will do for your training. And as a result, your progress.

2. Do filler exercises between sets.

Fillers are low-intensity exercises you perform in between sets to improve mobility, prevent injury, and correct imbalances.

Think about all the time wasted between sets just sitting down and doing nothing. Before the powerlifters scoff at me…yes, sometimes doing nothing is your best line of action before your next heavy set. But for most people, time can be better spent doing mobility or other low-intensity drills to optimize recovery and see better results.

I wrote a series of articles for True Coach on this topic that you can check out in greater detail:

3. Get a training partner. 

Not just anyone. Train with people who are stronger than you. People who will keep you accountable to yourself. People who will be waiting for you at the gym when you feel like fucking off and being lazy. They’ll tell you to step your game up when you’re dragging your feet through your workout. They’ll call you out on your bullshit when it’s needed.

A good training partner is one of the most effective ways to amplify your training.

4. Put intent into every rep. 

Intent leads to intensity. And among consistency, intensity is the most commonly missed element of training.

Training isn’t about just going through the motions. It’s about being intentional with your effort and giving it your all. The more you put into your training, the more you’ll get out of it.

5. Have a game plan. 

Take the guessing out of your workouts and go to the gym with a damn plan! Winging it won’t get you results.

That’s the difference between training and working out. Working out implies you have no direction and do whatever you feel like that day. This approach usually leads to your workouts contradicting each other. Conversely, training implies you have a plan and treat each individual workout as a building block to the bigger goal.

Here’s the approach I use with my clients when setting a goal and creating a plan to smash it (courtesy of Alwyn Cosgrove…if you’re a fitness professional please check out his stuff):

  1. Determine your goal.
  2. Determine your starting point.
  3. Determine your timeframe.
  4. Plan backward and execute forward.

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