Success leaves clues.

I’ve been a full-time trainer for the past 7 years. I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life. From skinny high schoolers looking to pack on size to corporate execs looking to balance a workout routine with their demanding schedules.

No matter their background, the most successful clients (or trainees) share common traits that lead to their accomplishments in the gym.

Ask ten people what success means to them and you’ll hear ten different answers.

Here, I’m going to define success as this: When your hard work in the gym makes shit better.

What leads to this success? What do the most successful trainees have in common?

I’ve narrowed it down to eight shared traits.

1. They make time for it

You have the time, and you know it. Everyone has 24 hours in their day. And you get to decide what you do with those hours.

Those who achieve the best results in the gym make time for training. They have their priorities set.

Those who say they don’t have time for training know deep down that they do. They don’t have their priorities in place.

2. They shut everything off

Your mind is valuable real estate. And there’s a lot of shit that can add to the clutter in your head.

The most successful trainees don’t allow outside distractions to affect their training. This is time for them and them only.

No emails. No phone calls. No scrolling.

Just the immediate task of accomplishing the work that’s in front of them.

3. They have clear goals

Goals matter. They’re like directions on your road map to success.

With no goals, you have no direction.

With no direction, you have no progress.

4. They understand why they’re doing it

Motivation is like a spark of energy that fizzles out almost as quickly as it starts.

Successful people aren’t motivated. They’re relentlessly inspired to accomplish their goals because they know why they’re doing it.

As with success, your “why” will be unique to you and you only.

A powerlifter’s why might be to break their PR total on their next meet.

A 60-year old retired lawyer’s why might be to move and feel better so they can play with their grandkids.


5. They show up on time


6. They’re consistent

Long term consistency will always beat short term intensity.

The most successful trainees understand this. They’re not allured by the whistles and bells of fad diets or “get fit quick” workout plans.

They embrace consistency. And their daily actions reflect that.

7. They’re realistic

Goals are good, but unrealistic goals can have a negative effect on your willingness to continue. Fail them, and you’ll give yourself a reason to quit.

Successful trainees set themselves up for success. They set goals they can achieve. They make it impossible to fail. If they do fail, they learn from it. They don’t use it as an excuse to quit.

They dream big, but they use realistic goals as steppingstones to their ultimate goal.

You might want to squat 500lbs one day. But if you just started lifting, how are you going to make that happen? You’re not going to walk in the gym one day and suddenly pull a 500lbs squat out of your ass.

You’re going to build up to it. And eventually, all the small incremental goals you achieved will add up.

8. How they do one thing is how they do everything

I’ve been watching The Last Dance every week and one thing that’s obvious about Michael Jordan is his relentless competitiveness doesn’t start and end on the court. He is competitive by nature. That’s who he is.

The most successful trainees aren’t just devoted to themselves in the gym. They’re successful with their work, school, relationships, and other aspects of their life.

The intensity they bring to training is reflected in what they do outside of the gym.



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