If you had to guess what the world record for holding a plank is, what would be your guess? Take a moment (it’s longer than you think).

8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. Good lord. I can’t even last that long in a car without having to pee.

No, you don’t need to plank for hours on end to reap the benefits.

But you should be planking with optimal form as long as you’re holding it.

There are two brutal mistakes you see all too often (especially on IG) and should avoid at all costs.


Take a look at the next two pics of yours truly and see if you can spot the difference. Which one looks better to you?

You’ll know you’re not planking optimally if you suddenly turn into a porn star with your ass poking up in the air.

You’ll also know the IG “influencer” would rather gain likes and followers showing off their lordotic posture instead of demonstrating proper technique. I digress.

Why it’s a mistake…

  • The plank is a full body exercise with emphasis on strengthening your core.
  • Lordotic curvature (aka J-Lo butt) puts excessive pressure on your spine.
  • Excessive lower back curvature = no core engagement.
  • This turns the plank from a core exercise to a spine exercise. Not good.

How to fix it…

  • Tuck your butt (think something in between sad dog tucking it’s tail in between it’s legs and J-Lo butt).
  • Keep your ribs down (imagine you’re bracing yourself to get punched in the stomach).
  • Squeeze your glutes (think you’re trying to crush a walnut with your cheeks).


Now take a look at these two pics, can you spot the difference? Which one looks optimal to you?

Planking is a lot fucking harder than most people think. You ever get the shakes and basically go into a seizure while planking? That’s because your core ain’t used to working that hard and it’s fatiguing!

So what do most people do when their core gets tired? They compensate, changing their positioning to “cheat” their way through the exercise.

How do most people compensate during planks? Typically, they’ll lean forward excessively.

Why it’s a mistake…

  • Remember, the plank is a core-dominant exercise.
  • Leaning forward excessively alleviates core tension and puts the emphasis on your arms.
  • If you feel most of the tension in your shoulders and arms while planking, this may be why.

How to fix it…

  • Stack your shoulders directly above your elbows (so your upper arm is perpendicular to the floor).
  • Without actually moving your elbows, “drag” them back towards your feet to engage your lats.
  • This will secure your shoulder positioning and will really help engage your core.
  • If you want to take the core tension up a notch, “drag” your feet up towards your elbows without actually moving them.


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