A combo exercise is a 2-in-1 movement. And frankly, most of the ones floating around the internet are wishy-washy pieces of crap.

Not these two, though. These two are awesome. And to add icing on the cake, they both involve the landmine.


  1. Time and space efficiency. If you’re working out at home or in a hotel gym with limited equipment and little time to spare, combo exercises will be your friend.
  2. Metabolic stimulus. Increasing lean mass and getting stronger has direct implications on your metabolic rate (your body’s energy levels) and ability to drive sustained fat loss. By pairing exercises together into a single movement, you’re effectively working more muscle groups and can reap the metabolic rewards.
  3. Coordination and core strength. When’s the last time you tried multitasking? Combining two exercises into one multi-movement pattern trains your coordination, balance, and core strength.

Why should you use the landmine?

The landmine is such a versatile piece of equipment and a staple in many of my clients’ programs.

You don’t need a ton of space, it’s simple to set-up, and offers a ton of variety to keep your workouts interesting and battle the ongoing monotony of strength training.

Anyway, here are a couple of landmine combos I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. Landmine Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press

2. Landmine Single Leg RDL to Row

If you’re strapped for time (and space), you can pair these together into a superset as they both emphasize opposing movement patterns.

The first lunge/press combo involves upper and lower body pushing, while the second RDL/row combo uses upper and lower body pulling.

Whether you pair them together or not, each of them are great to add to your arsenal and will kick your butt.



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