Movement involves mobility.

If your limbs can’t get into an optimal position, whether its an exercise or putting your shirt on, how do you think you are going to perform? We have to be able to actually get into a good position before we focus on crushing the workout.

Mobility >>> Movement >>> Intensity

People who train regularly, particularly resistance training, may become tight or restricted as they continue to train if they aren’t putting emphasis on their mobility work. An example of this would be someone who does weight training on a regular basis.

Movements like benching, push ups, overhead presses, and other resistance methods are prone to round the shoulders forward and create tension in the upper traps. Although these are examples of great exercises when used strategically, if one neglects to maintain or improve their mobility while working with these movements, there is an increased risk of injury or restriction in the shoulders and other surrounding areas.

It makes sense that people tend to put mobility work on the back burner and on the end of their ‘to do’ list because it takes time to see the benefits of it. You don’t immediately become better when you stretch for 15 minutes. This stuff takes time. And when it comes to things that take time, inspiration can be lost quick.

Some of the ongoing benefits you see from following a daily mobility routine include:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved recovery
  • Better posture
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved performance

Mobility work shouldn’t be limited to the gym. You can perform these drills at home, in the office, as a warm up, cool down, etc. Mobility work is an ongoing effort, just like exercise and movement. You won’t see improvements in your level of mobility if you aren’t being consistent with it. Do it daily and stick with it. No off days. None.


  • Perform daily
  • Use for warm up drills
  • Use for cool down drills
  • Hold each position for at least 60-90 sec
  • Go by feel (if you need more time in a certain position, stay there)

The following are ten mobility drills to make you move better, broken into muscle groups.


1. Standing Weighted Dorsi-Flexion

2. Kneeling Banded Dorsi-Flexion


3. Elevated Hip Extension

4. Banded Hip Extension

5. Banded Abduction with Hip Extension


6. Pigeon on Bench

7. Quad/Hip Extension


8. Thoracic Extension Against Bench

9. Rotator Cuff Dowel Raise

10. Banded Lat Stretch



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